Shopping Information

  1. How do I place an order?
  2. Can I amend my order?
  3. What is the status of my order?
  4. Can I change the delivery address when the order has already been placed?
  5. My order has been cancelled. What could be the reason?
  6. I have not received a confirmation email. What can I do?
  7. Can I send my order as a gift? (without invoice)
  8. Is a certain item in stock and can I reserve it?
  9. Can I pay later?
  10. My credit card has been declined. What can I do?

Returns And Refunds

  1. Can I return my store purchase by post?
  2. Can I return my online order in a store?
  3. What are the conditions for returning a product?
  4. What happens to your products once they have been inspected by our inspection department and have been categorized as production defects?
  5. Can I exchange my online order?
  6. I did not receive a return form. Can you re-send this?
  7. Can I return my online order?
  8. I have received the wrong product. How do I get the right product?
  9. I have returned my order. When will I get my money back?

Shipping And Handeling

  1. Which delivery options can I choose?
  2. How can I track my order?
  3. Can I have my order delivered to a collection point?
  4. Can I order from abroad?
  5. Is it possible to deliver to a PO Box?
  6. What is your average delivery time?
  7. Do I have to pay import duties to successfully receive my order?

Mason Garments Webshop

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  4. Do I have a warranty on my purchased products and if so, for how long?
  5. Can I contact a retailer?
  6. In which stores can I purchase Mason Garments products?
  7. Do you have your own Mason Garments stores?
  8. What is the status of my complaint/repair?
  9. My product has defects, what can I do?
  10. What are the advantages of creating a personal account?