Do I have a warranty on my purchased products and if so, for how long?

You are always entitled to a legal warranty on all products that you purchase from Mason Garments. That means that a product is, or must do, what the consumer can reasonably expect from it. The precise warranty period differs per product. If your purchase is defective, we are ready to help you. For questions about the exact warranty period, please contact our customer service on telephone number +31 24 808 0304 or send an e-mail to

Defects not covered by our warranty:

• Normal wear and tear of the product.

• Defects caused by normal external wear.

• Damage to heels. Defects caused by incorrect or intensive use.

• Excessive perspiration. Shedding and discoloration of shoes.

• Pilling of the fabrics.

• Defects caused by washing and/or drying.

• Defects caused by external influences, such as friction, sharp objects or chemicals.

• Water- and windproof defects in shoes.

• Products that cause physical discomfort due to the model of the shoes, for example sweating or blisters.

• You are also responsible for maintaining your products properly.

Please note: the invoice of your order serves as a warranty, so keep it safe!

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