Torino - Valentine Special

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This year our Valentine Special is dedicated to the power of mutual love. Our Torino silhouette includes a soft grain calf leather upper. Tonal mountain cut eyelets. Logo stamped patch. Gold tipped laces. Love key shield. Shark teeth outsole.

All hand made in Italy.

Love is the fuel on which the engine of society runs. It is the most abstract thing in life itself. Nevertheless, it makes the purpose of life in general more concrete than ever.

In life, you are on a journey to find the one that holds the key to your heart. This journey takes you through the ups and downs of the cycle of life. Eventually, you will realize that mutual love is the key that will open the lock of both hearts, following the bilateral thought:

“Forever is a long time, but I wouldn’t mind spending it by your side.”

Mutual love is key.