Nothing Beats a Human Touch

Mason Garments proudly premieres the full documentary about Italian craftsmanship titled - “Nothing Beats a Human Touch”. In this documentary, Mason Garments gives an exclusive look into their Italian production facility, the professionals behind the handcrafted footwear and the family values that are shared throughout the companies in the entire supply chain.

As a company, Mason Garments focuses on the output of qualitative footwear that can stand the test of time. To secure quality standards, Mason Garments prefers the classical approach of handcrafting footwear over machine oriented techniques. With this vision, the company keeps the art of craftsmanship alive in a fast changing industry where everything is modernised.

The main objective of the documentary is to show that Mason Garments produces footwear for people by people. It is the touch of shared human passion that completes the design of the handmade footwear. Additionally, Mason Garments wants to inspire a new generation of creative individuals to follow the path of intuition. It is the whisper of the soul that guides one towards painting the canvas of life and making it a timeless piece of art.

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A Quang Film
Director & Editor: Quang Tran

Production: Team Mason Garments

Special Thanks To:

Ruggiero Iodice
Mario Iodice
Umberto Giampieri
Giulia Giampieri