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Mason Garments puts great effort into sourcing only the highest quality materials. Please note that high quality does not mean that the products are not prone to damage. Please handle your shoes with the utmost care to ensure the longest lifespan:

  • Protect your footwear from too much direct rain, light, extreme heat and cold.
  • If the shoes do get wet, dry them with a soft cloth immediately after their contact with water.
  • To help hold the shape and absorb any excess moisture, fill the shoes with the provided filling paper when not in use.
  • Have a look at our cleaning product page to find the proper products to protect and clean your shoes.
  • Follow these steps to clean the footwear:

Step 1: When cleaning suedes and nubuck, use the brush from our Jason Markk Suede Cleaning Kit to lightly brush off any excess dirt. Use the harder brush provided in the Jason Markk Essential Kit to lightly brush the outsoles and more durable materials such as leathers.

Step 2: After brushing, use the Jason Markk Suede Cleaning Kit’s eraser to gently erase most stubborn dirt stains on the outsoles, suedes and nubuck.

Step 3: On more durable leathers and outsoles, use the cleaning solution and brush provided in the Jason Markk Essential Kit. Dry gently with a cloth. We do not recommend using this cleaning for dyed suedes and nubuck since they are most likely to bleed in contact with the solution.

Step 4: Protect your suede, nubuck, canvas and other absorbent material shoes against liquids and stains with Jason Markk Repel Spray. The odorless and colorless formula will not alter the look or feel of the material.